Storage Tips

We understand how overwhelming moving to a different home or office can be. So, those of us at Aces Mini Storage put our heads together and compiled a list of storage tips based on our own experience and that of our customers. We hope you find them useful!


  • Leave the heavy objects toward the bottom.
  • Label boxes on both the top and sides.
  • Wrap items separately prior to storing in boxes. Bubble wrap, linens or paper are recommended.
  • Never store live animals, combustibles (paint, chemicals, toxic materials) or perishable items (such as food).
  • Remember to drain fuel from gasoline engines before storing.
  • Leave appliance and equipment doors slightly ajar. Drain your washing machine and defrost your fridge/freezer.
  • For clothing, use wardrobe boxes that allow you to hang them and save the shape of garments. Leave smaller garments in drawers.
  • If possible, put smaller appliances in their original boxes.
  • Fill in empty spaces with paper to prevent boxes from folding.


  • Don’t lean stored property against the walls of your unit. Whenever possible, store all boxes on wooden pallets or boards.
  • Don’t stack boxes so high that getting to them becomes dangerous or overly time consuming.
  • Leave an aisle down the middle of your unit so that boxes and other items can be easily seen and identified.
  • Make a complete list of all goods stored. Keep sales receipts, proofs of purchase and warranties to prove ownership.
  • Take furniture apart to optimize space. Any bolts, screws or parts should be put in a plastic bag and taped to the underside of table tops.
  • Chairs should be stacked seat to seat with paper or cloth between them.
  • Use protective covers.
  • You have sole responsibility for the goods you place in storage. Check with your insurance carrier for coverage, or ask a storage consultant for a list of low cost providers. Remember: if it’s worth storing, it’s worth insuring.

We offer pallets for you to use at no charge while renting from us.